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Conservative dyno run

5 September 2000
319hp and 278tq quick dyno run on friday. I finally drive my car on boost for the first time after long time :) Those are low numbers but I had damage knock sensors and this dyno run was with out knocks sensors. They are in the mail :) June 4th will be next dyno run after I prep th engine more.

Question, on FI cars do we need EGR valve ? I ordered the EGR plate kit from SOS but as simple as it looks, what needs to be done? Do you just disconect the connector and plug the vent, and close the hole in intake manifold?



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I think this may be a turbocharged car running low boost while being built up?
winreboot said:
319hp and 278tq quick dyno run on friday.
...thats an excellent torque number at your conversative state of tune*** :smile:
The motor is 9:1 wiseco forged pistons, ported heads, rebalanced stock block and stock sleeves.

I did not expect for the tq to be this hight too, but there was a lot of care put in to the engine when it was assambled. It took the engine guy 8 months to put it together.

Car runs very smooth and pulls very strong, I'm running 7.4psi of boost for now. It is running single t3/t4 .63ar turbonetics turbocharger, but I'm thinking of swaping it for garrett gt25 t4 .82ar (too many options too little time)

why not run the gt35? if you have the lower compression your PR will be higher, thus you will be at the end of flow for the gt25..even with a large t4...no?

why not the turbonetics 62-1, t3 flange with a stage V wheel and like a .63 AR. wouldnt this be a good choice especially with the lower compression/higher pressure ratios?

just like picking some one elses brain :)

winreboot said:
It is running single t3/t4 .63ar turbonetics turbocharger, but I'm thinking of swaping it for garrett gt25 t4 .82ar...
...and give up that excellent torque curve, absolutely not :biggrin: ...I'd say just go *one* more notch larger on the trim of your t3/t4 spec turbo and get it to perfect tune....that t3/t4 turbo should flow a lot more HP than your making*** (with great spool up and torque to boot*)
how can you say that t3/t4 turbo can make more HP than it is. t3/t4 uses a T3 turbine section, (Stage I, Stage II, Stage III or the Stage V Trim) and a T4 compressor section (T04B trim or T04E trim), these are good for 250 to 500 hp, (straight from turbonetics site) no where does he state what size the turbo is so how can you say it will make more HP? he could be using anything from a to4 B v1 to a to4 e "60". these are all very different and none of them match the 3.0 engine well enough to use, all are way low on efficency and run out of steam by 6K or so. (this is with stock internal engine)
they are great for a 2 liter engine, like a civic

i am not trying to show my ass here but it is the blind blanket coments on this forum that have mislead and confused allot of people on a number of issues. turbo charging and SC system are not hard, people make them hard by not understanding them and information like that is misleading.
winreboot said:
... It is running single t3/t4 .63ar turbonetics turbocharger, but I'm thinking of swaping it for garrett gt25 t4 .82ar...
No misleading going on here son....

This is the same turbo that cybernations used on its BS "ss-box" tuned ~400RWHP (7psi) car they did (with both the 3.0 & 3.2) That turbo can flow 400+RWHP with ease on a 3 liter NSX motor....obviously with the correct tuning and support system/piping with great VE. winreboot only made 319rwhp bro...it has a lot more in it at his current trim. :cool:
I agree that there is alot more in the turbo. A stage V hybrid will flow 500 hp worth of air regardless if your stuffing it into 2.0 or a 3.0 liter engine. The only difference is going to be the boost pressure.

When turbo's really run out of flow the PSI will drop. The 95-99 DSM's did this with the T-25. You could pull the wastegate hose and the PSI would jump to the 20 in the midrange and then drop slowly to 17 by redline.