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considering selling my 96 but what to do

16 January 2013
I have a 96 with 58,000 miles on it and think now is the time to sell. Thinking of getting the new ZO6 Its has a pretty good amount of mods. Headers, exhaust, coil overs, sway bars, BBK type r bars etc. Would I get more just selling it as is, or should I at least make it closer to stock by selling the BBk and coil overs wheels and going to stock? obviously not getting rid of the header. Feed back would be great.
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With that mileage I would go back close to stock as possible. You will see more return on your mods if you remove and sell it individually vs selling it on the car. Best of luck! If it’s in good condition I wouldn’t take less than $90k for it. 95 with 153k just sold or $65,000 on eBay.