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Console trim (bezel) refinishing

1 March 2012
I have learned there is a lot of NSX knowledge out there, so here goes. My console trim has some discoloration and I want to restore it. Does anyone out there know the proper way as well as the correct color to repaint or restore the OEM console trim? Thanks.
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There is another thread on this that I just saw the other day. Did you try searching? I remember something about light sanding and using a "Honda OEM gray color" which you can pick up at any auto parts store.
If you want it done right, send it to Joe (pbassjo) at Vince's Auto Body Works. He redid 2 bezels for me and they are a perfect match to the OEM door panel switch covers. The Dupli-Color Honda Graphite Grey (P/N 88-00928) is close but is not an exact match. Check out this post here.
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yeah but whats the metal color in the 2002+ years its not grey its almost a gun metal but glossy. I am going to redue mine soon

and didnt want to have to do my doors to match.

02+ color anyone know what it is?
Call or PM him, varies on how much work he has to do to it. Great guy. Hell, I live in Tennessee and sent my bezels to Poughkeepsie, NY for him to do. That ought to tell you something---

Unfortunately Joe no longer provides this service as he says it is too labor intensive and not cost effective for a body shop to do. Looks like it'll probably end up being another DIY project at some point.
get creative...

Depending on what I decide to do w/ my interior w/ regards to trim (refinish center-console & door-panels in piano lacquer, DIY refinish using "Honda Graphite Gray", overlay a 3M/Dupont metallic vinyl film, professional refinish, etc), here's a worthwhile service offering to look into:


(I may even send my stock Bose head-unit to them!)

I'd also add that just about any major metro area likely has some experienced, proficient, and professional custom interior businesses (ie. boats, RV's, leisure/pleasure craft, and late-model/custom/vintage/antique automobiles). It'd be worthwhile to call around.

And lastly, check the myriad of binders/catalogs of high-quality, metallic overlay films that are available from 3M, Dupont, and others. On a properly prepped surface, such a finish would be very close to the original.