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Cost for mint OEM wheels/tires?

5 October 2001
Fremont, NE
I am looking at a set of mint unused original NSX 7-spoke rims. They have new tires on them as well, the seller said he paid $1500 just for the tires. They seem to look perfect, just wondering what new NSX rims and tires would be worth bidding to. Thanks
If they are OEM tires and both tires and wheels are literally unused, then they are worth the same as a new set of wheels and tires because that's what they are. Most people will knock off a few % just to sell them quickly.
A new set of Blades Silver 7 spoke OEM wheels are about $4200 list price from Acura. After a 30% discount (available at many places) and factoring in state sales tax (or shipping), you're looking at about $3200 for a set. You can get wheels from somewhere like Dali for $2800. This is (or course) without tires, which can run another $800-1000 for OEM specified tires.

You can find takeoffs for sale by owners for anywhere from $2000-$2500 if you look around and are patient. Best bet to get used wheels is to be realistic about the price and have cash ready for the purchase when you find a set.

For a set of perfect wheels with new tires (less than 1000 miles), I would expect $3000-3500 would be a fair price.

Here is the set that is on eBay:

Couple of notes.

1. These are Solaris Silver, which is the darker painted silver... not the brighter machined Blades Silver. These wheels were standard equipment on 1994-1996 NSXs. The switch to Blades Silver occurred in 1997.

2. Because these are 1994-1996 wheels, the statement that they were taken off the car when new is doubtful if they are just now showing up on eBay. Also, if they were taken off when "new", they would have OEM tires on them. I don't like it when people are misleading.

3. The wheels cannot be in MINT condition if they have been balanced with hammer-on wheel weights. Someone who cared about having their wheels preserved would have insisted on stick-on interior wheel weights. Again... MINT is a misleading statement.

4. The statement about $1500 in tires is laughable. The wheels are mounted with Michelin Pilot Sport tires, which are a little less expensive than OEM Yokohamas on tirerack.com. To spend $1500 in tires means the average cost per tire was $375. Not likely. This guy just can't be honest, can he? The only way he's spending $375 per tire is if he went to Discount Tire, paid full price, had them wreck the tires with their "siping" machine, and bought the useless warranty for each tire.

5. "Make no mistake"... the cost of these wheels brand new from Acura at full list price is about $4200, not over $5000. After normal discounts, you can get them for about $3200.

I would price these wheels/tires at about $2000, which is where the bid currently is. What knocks it down from my statement above? Solaris Silver, non-OEM tires and the use of hammer-on wheel weights.


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That ad is odd. I agree, what is the story behind 4 new tires when the originals only had 500 miles? Or, does that mean THIS owner only put 500 miles on them? Or are these wheels refurbished and repainted??

Bang-on wheel weights are a bad sign, though to be honest I have seen Acura dealers use bang-on weights on NSX wheels.

The tire in the photo is Michelin Pilot Sport - if you bought a full set in OEM sizes from TireRack today and paid for shipping, mounting and balancing it would still come in under $850 total. If the seller really spent $1500 on these tires, he was simply ripped off.

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My bad, I accidentely made a new topic...

I just wrote the seller and asked for additional pictures of the other wheels. They do all appear to be perfect. He gave me a phone number so I called. I asked him about the whole 500 miles thing. Wheels were taken off less than 500 miles after NSX was purchased and followed the vehicle to him with original tires, which he swapped onto the NSX, which he said were a mistake, he said the others were Yokohamas but he didn't like them. This guy got ripped off with the tires it seems, he says he has the receipt, so at least I know it would have new tires regardless. The weights were put on by an Acura dealership, as they told him a true balance couldn't be obtained as well with putting them just on the inside. Seemed like a nice guy. He also assured me that he would hold my check until I received them, which I thought was fair since this is a lot of money. Anyway, that's the scoop for now.
Well, you can use stick-on weights inside and out, so that's crap, but this guy may just be an innocent victim. Same with the tire price. I could probably get stuck for that much if I walked into a local dealer in an expensive neighborhood, or worse yet the Acura dealer. But if he hates the OEM tires compared to the Pilots, why didn't he just swap them back?

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I've gone through quite a few sets of NSX 7 spoke wheels. In general, I believe for wheels alone, the Solaris Silver wheels are worth $1500-1800 in good-mint condition. The Blades Silver wheels are worth $1800-2200 in good-mint condition. Aftermarket chrome 7 spoke wheels vary, from about $1800-2200. Of course, your results may vary, this is just my experience...

-- Chris


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