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Crank pulley wrench tool

22 October 2003
sunnyvale, CA
I'm planning to have timing belt change this weekend, but the tool have not arrived from dealer. Anyone in Bay area have this tool for sale or let me borrow for the weekend? Thanks in advance.
Kevin 408 368-6763
I dealt with this last spring. After much wasted time and snap on realizing that the tool they had would not fit I used the advise of Goodson Acura.
Get a 3/4 inch drive impact and it is a breeze. It literally took 1/4 of a second.
If you need any tips on this job let me know. There is a great reference attachment floating around this site with pics. This was my 1st timing belt on any car and went fairly smoothly. Good luck and be very careful!!
Thank you every body.

I had tried the 600 ft-pd impact tool, the nut still not come loose. I guest my compressor air volume was not good enough.

Dan's method was working OK. Just bolted the wrench to transmission case to lock fly wheel.

I have the tool today for reinstallation.