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curiosity about your turbo

8 June 2005
Houston, TX.
I was wondering, most of you running turbo set ups seem to be running pretty low boost. This said, I was wondering what turbo's you guys use? I mean TDO6, 16G, T25 or T28? I wouldn’t think you would need much more.

Just a casual question for the forced induction fans.
i would think that the To4E only would be acceptable with an engine build though...I think black&tan has that though, as well as some crunk by the looks of it :)

i have the 62-1 T3 flange, Stage 5 wheel .63 ar.
non built engine though....
There is no one turbocharger that will do all. You will have to decide before getting it what power you look for and at what boost and what engine. All will create boost but if you look at the turbo maps you will see the efficiency on each. TQ and HP will be effected.

For example, gt25 with 0.82 a/r housing should flow ~35 lp per min and should get you around ~380hp with 6psi
A gt30 with 0.82 a/r housing with air flow of ~50 lp per min and 16psi should get you ~550hp to the wheels.

TQ on bought will be different. As for turbo lag it will be affected as well (driving turbo nsx for a while now I think turbo lag is 0 to none but I'm sure on bigger housing it would be some, then compensated with high HP on topend) I'm NOT expert on this .....

I'm running single gt32 on my,
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I was wondering what all of you do, I've had a few turbo cars so I've played the game. But I have alot of respect for custom setups.