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Custom coolant tank/ oil catch cans

8 September 2007
Houston, TX
HI, everyone. I want to get a coolant tank for the nsx.

So I talked to one of the shops here in Houston that does custom fab work. They can make it anyway you like, round, square, triangle, they also powder coat it if you want. They can make 2 tanks in one with coolant on one side and oil catch can on the other half.

What I'm trying to do is to get a group buy going so it cheaper. So I want to know who all would be interested, this way I can get a ball park on the pricing. 2nd what kind of tank would you be interested in (style, color, etc..)
Please post pictures so we can get a better idea of what you are looking for.

Once I can get about 10 people interested in getiing them I'll have the shop build one first and post up pictures or meet up in person to see how they like it and then if any changes are needed we can change it up accordingly then fill the order. If we can get 20 people to sign up than it'll be even cheaper. Shipping will be available at buyers expense.

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Hey Rahim,

I'm interested! I don't care about the shape per say, but I'd like a polished finish. Not sure the function of the oil catch can, although, I've heard of them.

- Z
Here are some pictures to give you ideas on which one you would like.



I like the round one, more efficient use of space and makes the engine bay that less cluttered/easier access to components.

If you can increase the coolant capacity too, I think that woudl be cool.
OK I am going to try and get measurements done for both style of tanks.



1) Increase coolant capacity.
2) Put eye glass on coolant tank
3) ??

Keep 'em coming guys.


Continent on price offered, I may be interested!

Obviously, SOS & Dali Racing have their offerings... so an attractive price would be quite compelling!
Hey Rahim, any update? :smile:

sorry for taking so long. I finally got a chance to call them up. They quoted me a price for a polished round one with the baffle in it for about $250-275. I think that was a bit high but according to them the cost of materials keeps going up. I told him I don't know what kind of response I will get for that price.
So if you guys are still wanting in for $250-275. I can have them start on it.

Re: cost?

Continent on price offered, I may be interested!

Obviously, SOS & Dali Racing have their offerings... so an attractive price would be quite compelling!

I have been looking on the SOS page but they don't show one. That's why I have been trying to get one made.
First one is done, I'll post pictures and prices soon.
Gonna take the NSX in tomorrow to get the bracket(s) made.

Sorry to have taken so long.

Here are pictures of the coolant tank.
I weighted the stock and the aluminium one, they weighted the same.
I have been driving with this on for about 3 days now and everything is working well.
1) comes polished
2) comes with the billet cap
3) has a baffle in it
4) has extra mounting bracket for extra support. I have circled it in the picture
5) the final tanks will also come with the mounting bracket for the brake vacum hose that runs between the tank and the fuse box. I have circled it in the picture.

Orders take about one week to be sent out since these are hand made and the price is $249.99+ S&H If you are in town you can pick them up yourself. International ship is available.

If I can get 10 order then I can negociate on the price with them.











If you would like to see it in person we can arrange for a small meet for everyone that is interested in them.

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