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Custom Retrofit Blitz Dual Turbo Timer and Boost Gauge in OEM Clock

27 November 2005
SoCal ✈ Vegas
This is a Blitz Dual Turbo Timer, that I had retrofitted into an OEM clock; the retrofit was done by a local high-end stereo shop, and is very stealthy. The three buttons that were used to adjust time are now used to control the turbo timer.

This device shows vacuum and boost pressure while driving around, has a peak boost function, will change colors to red when you pass a certain boost level (overboost warning), and has an automatic turbo timer built in, so when you're under boost it adds time to a shutdown clock, and when you're driving out of boost it subtracts it. When you shut your car off, and remove the key, it keeps your car running for this shutdown clock, to allow oil to continue circulating through your turbocharger, to allow it to cool down. The shutdown clock only works with the e-brake up, if someone lowers the e-brake (to move the car), it will shut off the car immediately.

$350 (Pending Sale to 'annointed')

Here is a picture of the setup:


in the car:


overboost warning (it would display the boost pressure, but the sensor is not connected in this picture):


The screen is reflective LCD, so it can be easily read even in direct sunlight.
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