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Dali "Race" sway bars...for street?

26 September 2000
I'm wondering if the DR Race sway bars are ok to use on the street. I noticed that they have a Street/Race version, but what are the pros/cons to using the Race version on the street vs. the street/race version? Thanks for any input.

I have the comptech bars, I think they are around the same stiffness as the dali race bars. Not too stiff for street, I love them. I think I once saw on Marks page a comparison of stiffness, you may want to look there. One of my chapter members has a '98 and he said there was a fittment problem with the front dali bar, others I have seen with pre '97's have not had a problem. Not sure if there was a minor change that changed the fittment, just food for thought.
Excellent results here. The race and street bars have very little effect on the street. The track bars are a different story. Way too stiff for street tires. Need R-compound tires.

-- Chris


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