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Dali street/race swaybars...what setting is good/are you using?

26 September 2000
I just installed my Dali street/race swaybars and I wanted to find out what setting(hole) the rest of you using, for those who have it?

How is the handling at your current setting?

How is the handling at each setting in the front? rear?

Thanks for any help.

Full stiff front an rear.
The handling gets better as you go up to the stiffer settings.
IMO the NSX has waay too much body roll from the factory.

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Thanks Edo.

So is the stiffer setting the hole furthest inward, or the one closer to the end of the bar?
Originally posted by Veleno:
Thanks Edo.

So is the stiffer setting the hole furthest inward, or the one closer to the end of the bar?

Inward is stiffer because you shorten the arm length and therefore the effective leverage available to twist the center section, which is the real "spring" involved.

Dali bars are marked on the holes for reasonably neutral handling at less than full stiff. However, it seems to me that one end has three per side and the other has four. Yes? Personally, I would start with the marked holes but drive cautiously because it will be more prone to over-steer than stock. Then move the front in one hole if it's too loose in the back, or move both in if it feels OK but you want less lean.

In moderate speed turns you will probably like the rear stiffer than the front, but then it may get spooky in the high speed turns.
Hmm..I guess I should have mentioned that. Stiffer in front means more understeer. Stiffer in rear means more oversteer.
As Sjs said, if you go with a stiffer rear setting it may get a bit spooky at high speeds. But only if you let off the throttle..
You really can’t copy someone else’s swaybar setting unless their car is known to be set up properly and everything regarding their suspension (tires, tire press, shocks, spring rates, alignment, etc) is EXACTLY the same as your car. All these items change the adjustments you would make on your sways. The ONLY way to properly set your sways through testing. The easiest way is to set up a skidpad or throttle-steer circle. Find a big patch of asphalt and see how your car behaves, and then adjust the sways according to the general instructions posted here.