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Dark tinted CF mirrors

15 January 2007
Omaha NE
I had some left over plastidip and decided to play around with it. I always loved the look of JETz Racing Smoked CF type-r spoiler. As most know they are sadly no longer around. I had about a half a can of black matte and half a can of the glossifier. I did 2 light coats of the black matte and 4 coats(probably do 5 next time around) of the Glossifer. The results were exactly how I wanted it. Granted this was a quick job so there are some minor texture but I think I might do this on my Seibon Type-R spoiler and my CF mirrors.


Left is PlastiDipped, Right is not dipped.
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Fixed i think
Uploaded the picture to NSXPrime should work now.
nice Show pictures when you get them back. This winter I get the fun of installing them. :redface:
Interesting idea. I have CF mirrors and a couple cans of flat black and glossifier. But I also have a can of smoke and I think that would work better.