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Dark wheels

10 May 2001
Hi every one. Ok the other day i was driving around and i saw a green 96-97 nsx with beautifull dark original seven spoke rims. I really want those for my red nsx man it'll look great on red. Can some one tell me where i can get them, how much they might be, and if not how could i get mine dark light that. thanks mustafa.
The "darker" finish 7-spoke 16/17 wheels were OEM on 1994-1996 cars (white was an available option for white cars). Looks better with some colors IMO, and hides brake dust a little better.

The 1997+ 16/17 wheels have a lighter finish, which simulates a "machined metal" look.

Several of these are available from dealers (customer take-offs), and on the secondary market.

Manuel C
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Yes, as you can see on Dali Racing's website at the link posted above. All three finishes (the Solaris Silver from 1994-96, the Blades Silver from 1997+, and the Grand Prix White from the white cars) are available from Dali.
I can't believe you saw a green w/dark wheels... sux. I wanted to be the only one.

I'm considering to powdercoat my rims gun metal color. What do you guys think? I'm considering charcoalish and maybe even white as well.

Here is how my car looks now:
Beautiful car. green/saddle would be my choice if I didn't have my red/ivory..The wheels look great, I may upgrade my oem'93 to these.