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Dash lights flicker on and off.

15 January 2007
Omaha NE
Tonight my dash lights went out and then back on. Through out the drive they would flicker sometimes go out and sometimes go back to normal. To me this seems like a bad/loose fuse or connector. Where should I start looking?
Although it could be a loose connector, It's more likely the dashlight brightness control unit or the controller. There are tests for both in the repair manual but will be hard to find when it's not flickering or out. When you are driving and it starts, try adjusting the controller or lightly hitting the dash near it. You can try the same thing for the control unit which is behind the driver seat.

or dirve with your light off LOL


yeah I would say the brighness control is going bad, or loose.

if it going bad try backing the brightness down a bit, years on the same setting could be the culprit.

I always have my light brightness at half on all my cars, instead of FULL BURN on the little bulbs the half burn keeps them alive longer than at full burn.