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DawnPatrol stories

10 June 2001
I had decided to go for a nice no traffic drive yesterday morning. I go up towards Berryessa,get on 121 heading east no traffic until I am getting close to the 128 turn. I see these headlights coming up fast. At first I thought it was a new corvette, but I was wrong. It turned out to be a 575 Maranello. At first I slowed down to let him pass but he just slowed down also, I guess he wanted to be the cat. This guy and I went on our little dawnpatrol down 128 all the way to Silverado trail. No traffic untill Silverado where there was a few CHP's directing traffic at that junction for a big bicycle ride that was going on. We then headed towards Napa and then back to 121. About halfway up 121 he must have turned off, because he was keeping pretty close( 5 car lengths) and then on the final striaght he was no longer there. I guess he must live up there and pulled off. I really enjoy that little circuit, not much traffic and some nice twisty roads
NightPatrol stories:

I did one last night around 11pm @ the Calaveras. First time on the route, and friend just brought a brand new s2k. It was PRETTY TWISTED! anyways, it was fun, couldn't see too far at night though. :eek: :rolleyes: anyone can give me some pointers on how to get through these twisties faster?? please share!!
Re: Joe, you're the new Dawn Patrol Scout

121 and 128; NSX heaven. two of the best in Central CA. They rival 193 out of Placerville or anything in the hills on the east side of the Valley and that's saying something. Bet you see that 575 again.

You da D.P. man, now.

PS: maybe we should compare schedules and I'll do a D.P. video again.