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DC Headers for $937?

good feedback... I'd do it if it was something I wanted.

But honestly... you'd be surprised of the markup on those things.

Chris@SoS said:
I'd recommend staying away from the 1991-1994 DC Sports headers due to cracking problems of the accordian joints.

take care,
-- Chris

True that this problem does exist and over time they might very well crack.

True story. I bought some used DC Sports headers with cracks and DC Sports paid shipping (both ways) and repaired them like new (cut off and re-welded on the joint/flange) even knowing I was buying them used.

Great company and I have had my repaired ones for 4+ years with no problems. Very satisfied and for that price - a very good deal IMO.

PS: I know nothing about the seller and have no affiliation with DC Sports