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good question, I am wondering the same thing :confused:
Hello, I have used this trick to replace mine. Take a thin peice of fishing string after heating the emblem up, then run string behind to remove the adheasive. This is the tricky part, now take a flat screw driver and a towel and CAREFULLY lift up the emblem with the flat head and pull off. Worked for me.
I did this -

Be careful - there are 2 pins that have fasteners that hold the emblem on. I taped off the area surrounding the emblem with blue-tape a couple of layers.
I then heated the emblem with a hair dryer, slowly so as to not hurt the paint. Then I used a plastic putty knife to lift the emblem, working carefully and slowly all the way around. This lifted the emblem off the adhesive which remained on the nose. Once I had that loose, I used a fishing line and working it quickly back and forth, sawed the pins off the back of the emblem. The emblem pops off nicely. Then I used some wax to remove the adhesive.

Now you have two holes to deal with....I replaced my factory emblem with a red one to match the car (factory Acura emblem, not an aftermarket).

Good luck - Michael
why debadge :confused:

are you putting a honda 'H' badge :wink:
03 raw nsx said:
why debadge :confused:

are you putting a honda 'H' badge :wink:

Yes :biggrin:
if your car is an old model...be extra cautious...make sure you don't peel off any clear coat as well... :eek: :wink: