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delivery day!!

2 August 2011
new jersey
I received the call this morning that my new cars trip from the West coast was complete and the car would be at my house by 10 am......after looking out the window for an hour or so the truck pulled up. Needless to say I was very anxious to see the car as to date all I had was the word of the ppi company that the car was spotless. Well...thankfully they were right on, the door opened up and there it was just as presented.....red 2000 with 15.8k on it and in perfect condition. Here are some photos of the unloading..I plan on getting it registered tomorrow and have it out on the road all weekend. Happy to have joined the NSX world.
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With that trailor turned on it's side, it's nice to know that it was strapped down and secured well.:wink: Congrats, now post some upright pics!
That's a beautiful site, congrats on a nice find, not too many of these low milage mint NSX around
Congratulations on your purchase, I hope that the NSX has not traveled lying on her side! :eek: I wish you much pleasure with your beautiful NSX, I'm curious about your first driving impressions, pleasure to read your report:smile:
it will not have low miles for long LOL

your gonna drive the hell out it right.

its years of sleeping in a dark dusty garage is over RIGHT.

drive her pet her and she will purr for you.

congrats and welcome to the best car you will ever own
welcome to our NE crew...... Please consider joining the nsxca and keep on the lookout in our regional forum for events.
I'm jealous! I'm in NJ as well...been looking for my ideal nsx for a long time now :(
Wow - looks like a great find ! Congrats - having the car unloaded on the enclosed transport is something I'll never forget - a special day for sure :smile: . And yes, the "checking in the garage" thing hasn't stopped happening for me yet - these things are seductive wonderful creatures!

More pics and prose about how you found it etc when you can. Now, go back out there and get another peek at her....! Cheers, Jay
it doesnt you will keep walking out there to look at it, we all have gone thru this. and to this day I still look outside to see her.

its the weirdest thing ever.

wait till you park it at the mall 8 miles away from any other car and you look back 30 times to see if it moved LOL
I'm in union county. Will get some fresh pics this weekend. I keep going in the garage to check on it. Hope that never changes.

I have been driving an NSX for almost 18 years now, and even now, I will still go into the garage to look at it. Or turn around in a parking lot to look at it, and just smile. Seriously. EVERY TIME! It is pretty great. :smile:

Congrats on your new baby!
Congratulations and Welcome to NSX Ownership! Have a great weekend on the road. :biggrin: