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Dent repair advice, pdr?

28 April 2011
Santa Fe, NM
Hello everyone,

A woman backed up her Jeep into my NSX. It was a very slow bump into my rear passenger panel. The dent was made by the Jeep's spare tire.

The person at the collision repair shop explained that the rear panel AND the passenger door need to be repainted and blended to match
????? WTF?
This seems like too much work to be done. It is not a large dent (less than 1/4" deep) and the paint is not damaged. I hope there is a paintless dent repair that can take care of this.
I just don't want to have the right side of my car repainted and not match if it does not need it.

If anyone has experienced this any advice is greatly appreciated. I will also speak with some local car guys on Saturday about this.

This is also posted in the southwest regional section with more photos.

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Should be an easy PDR fix...I've had a number of them done that look worse than that...
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There is no way the body shop would be allowed to blend my door also. The reason they would do this is to make a very gradual blend so the untrained eye wont notice. Better solution, paint it with the exact color to begin with. It could be more work, but the painter could paint a test part, and then compare colors and adjust accordingly. If you have the right color there is no need for a blend.
The dent itself is not bad it's the location along with aluminum panel and access from the backside of your 1/4 panel. Once the taillight is pulled the upper inner 1/4 panel is accessible to use a dent rod. It's just a long reach and leverage comes into play. I think it would need a combination of glue pulling and pushing with a rod, it may be able to be glue pulled alone ( depending on techs ability ), it looks like one corner of the dent is kind of tight ( sharper corner then round ) this would be the only problem with trying to glue pull it 100%.
Asking other owners who they have used locally around you is probably the best way to see who to use. I would for sure check em out yourself also!!!
Make sure whoever you may use that they won't drill a hole in your 1/4 panel jamb ( front side of 1/4 by door ). Would drilling a hole make it an easy repair? Yes, but it's not the proper repair. Some pdr guys won't think twice about drilling a 1/2 inch hole or bigger and put a plug in it. Just food for thought.. On that same note there are some really good pdr techs and if it is repairable with pdr then it's a better repair for your car.
I can reach the dent with my hand through the fender, about 15" in. Remove fender liner and it's right there. I am able to push on it but it returns to the dented position. Doesn't seem that bad. I'm glad it was the Jeeps spare tire that hit my NSX rather than metal on metal.

I'm going to Cars and Coffee on Saturday to ask the locals where I might get this done.

Thank you all for the prompt response. Information is a great tool. I was going to the collision repair shop on Monday. I will call tomorrow to cancel my appointment. Looks like you guys helped me avoid a huge mistake/headache.