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Deposit paid... on it's way...Wa Hoo!

6 June 2005
Hi all, just put down a deposit on an early (91) red manual. Im "upgrading" from a 2002 S2000, and really looking forward to next week when I change over. :smile:


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Modernceo said:
I wonder what the production numbers were for Europe based Nsx's..
Honda considers Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to be one region, where they have sold roughly 1,500 NSXs since its introduction, as noted here.
is that a blue top on the S2000 in the background at the dealership?
Nice! Congrats. Which dealership is that? Chiswick?

In the UK, only around 450 NSXs were sold since 1991.... :eek: It is indeed the rarest of the rare breed here.... SO not counting those that may have been written off, there are only a handfull left on UK roads. No wonder people stare at them like its an alien spaceship when they spot one :biggrin:

I suppose it makes us appreciate them a whole lot more :wink:
Congratulations and welcome to the family. I had a black/black one when I lived in the UK. I was living in Scotland at the time and someone once told me there were only 300 in the UK, and only 13 in Scotland. This was a few years ago.

is that a blue top on the S2000 in the background at the dealership?

Yes that's my present car, owned from new, but going to new owner next week. The blue soft top is only available with the full on blue interior :eek:
Sometimes available with special white texture finish :biggrin:


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Congrates. What wheels does the NSX have on?
"Sometimes available with special white texture finish " LOL, I have seen that same option on a lot of cars here in Chicago. Congrats, hope it brings you much happiness!