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DFW-Monday night meets (all cars)

14 January 2005
This is the new Get Togethers from DFWcarclubs, a non-profit organization that was created to get people together without the harrasment of cops. Its all legal, cops will be in attendance there is usually live entertainment and Colter's BBQ will be present.

They have been organizing meetings all summer, but since the meetings have gotten so big, they had to move to bigger lots and needed to pay for more security. Before you used to pay a $1 to get in (included a raffle ticket) to pay for the police and insurance...dont know exactly what will be in this next meetings.

Last meeting there was a black NSX and me...hopefully we can show up, have a good time and see more NSXs



PS-the $20 is if you want to get the membership card that will provide you with discounts, including discounts on tuner shops and restaurants, like Colter's BBQ the same night.
I went to one some months back when it was at Costco in Arlington, to much pandemonium from me. Got stuck in a line of cars that decided to make the drive into a parking lot and thought I never was going to get out of there.

Seems like it may be a little better organized now, hopefully the organizers cut out the people with pit bulls all over the place also.
Yeah, I think we crossed for about a second....and yes the PitBulls was the reason they were kicked out of Cosco. They have good intentions, but there is always the crazy MOB.

Unfortunately something came up for me, so I wont be able to show up either. :frown: