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did u know....

Is that in U.S. dollars or Australian? I know Canadian dollars are different than ours - anybody know about Australia?

If it is in US dollars - Ouch!

'91 Black/Black
Seems strange that you guys have to pay so much compared to us. It is not as though these cars are produced here in the US. They have to ship them from Japan to everywhere if I am not mistaken(which I am quite often to be frank).

Maybe you folks have higher duties on imports?

The US has always been friendly on the tariffs they make Japan pay on their goods. Perhaps Australia is not the same.
In Malaysia, where i was born, there used to be a 400% import tax imposed on vehicles. There are ways around it though. A locally assembled imported car is less money i think. I remember going home to visit one year when my mom just picked up a new 328i, .... $80,000 US dollars. OUCH! My uncle has a 355 F1 and a 98 twin turbo Porsche, didn't bother asking how much those were ... don't even want to know!