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Die-cast models........Anyone?

What scale are you looking for? I collect 1:18 scale and i have lots of them. The best place to get them online is www.exoticar.com

Kyosho has some really detailed ones. They have carpet and simulated leather. I don't know if they make the NSX Type R anymore but they did, and I have one.
Hope that helps
Yes, you can find many diecast models in ebay and can get some good deals. I would recommend checking ebay and finding out who is selling them. Most of the sellers for diecast are hobbyshop owners and have their own sites. Check the prices there as well to make sure that you're not over bidding on ebay. On my first bid on an NSX, I paid something like $20 over the price(due to a bidding war) that the owner was selling at his site. Also, check your local hobby shops or do a search on the web for hobby or diecast.

I too am looking for a black one. I thought about stripping one of the "cheaper" ones I have and painting black. I've made several models so I'm confident in my painting abilities.