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Difflow NA1 Diffusers

23 December 2007
San Antonio, TX
Hi Everyone,

I purchased one of qu1z's excellent NA1 diffusers with the hopes it would clear my LoveFab charge pipe. Unfortunately...no go.

This particular diffuser was a return from a previous customer and had some minor damage which qu1z described in his post as follows:

"USED DIFFUSER #1 is now in good shape, it was bent up in the front corner, which I fixed, still looks a little rugged but nobody can see it since it's under the car. $390 shipped in the USA for this one."

It's in the same shape as he advertised as I simply performed a test fit and found out rather quickly it wouldn't clear the charge pipe.

Just looking to get my money back on this one, so $390 shipped in the USA takes it. I'll cover the paypal fees.

It's all boxed up and ready to go. I could have it on the way by this weekend. I'm in San Antonio, TX, so local buyers are welcome to come buy and pick it up.


'93 NSX
Finally got around to un-boxing it again and taking a couple of pictures. Only damage is what is visible in the top left.


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