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Difflow NA2 Diffuser Sale, 15% off

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16 February 2009
We are overstock and sales are slow. We are offering 15% off our NA2 diffusers (fits 02-05 NSX and all NSX's with DF rear valance). No exhaust fitment issues. All hardware, brackets and instructions included. More pictures and videos here: http://www.difflow.com/nsx_5elementoriginal.html


$510+shipping in the continental US. Overseas and Canadian customers, PM me for a shipping quote.

Sale ends AUG 24TH. PM me, Call or Email. [email protected] // 406-2O7-48OO





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I think you've saturated the small nsx market. If sales are slow, you don't need to drop pricing, you need to make new products. The entire NSX underbody can use a pan. Why don't you make that to mate up with your diffuser fore of it?
It'll make the part you currently sell even more functional and it shouldn't be all that hard for someone that is already making the sort of thing you make.
+1 for a gas tank cover and engine cover. Just make sure to add NACA ducts or a small ramp to route air to the transmission area.

DF is nice, but I don't want to pay for CF for something that sits UNDER the car and isn't visible.
Glenn, I'd buy one from you if you made it. I think you should consider it.
We are working on an under-tray. Hope to have some details on it in a month.

In the mean time, this is a great chance to take advantage of the diffuser sale!
Difflow defines awesomeness. If you don't have one - get it.

Thank you!

I've been getting a few inquires about the sale, and if there was still a chance to get in on it, some people needed more time to get money - yes, until the end of the month.

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