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direct port placement.

14 November 2006
Pleasanton, California, United States
So before anyone tries to flame me I have looked quite a few times on this topic. I am in the middle of doing a Direct port setup with a cold fusions kit and will be using the AEM EMS to run the stages. My main problem is placement for the nozzles, noone seems to know where they go but everyone is saying its so hard to do... what could be so hard?

if there truely is a reason I should pay CFN or NX 350-500 to do it I am open to it, but if someone has either a pic of a working setup or someone can explain it I am sure my buddies shop can do it as they have built direct port manifolds as well as customer made there own manifolds from scratch I just am lost with what could be so difficult.

Lastly if I am being an idiot don't be afraid to say so. unlike others on here can appreciate being brought down to earth when I am in the wrong :p but honestly WHAT MAKES THIS SO HARD?!?!
Blury, I just saw your post. I dont know what is the deal with it either unless they dont have experiance ever putting a direct port setup on an X. with the injectors calibrated and cleaned you will be able to tune perfect a/f across the board. when all the cylinders are perfectly balances man can you feel it when you kick the shit. plus you are using a stand alone right to control big injectors and a DIRECT wet kit (DUEL STAGE?). NSXLOVER HAS DIRECT PORT ASK HIM IF IT CAN BE DONE. HE IS ALWAYS ON THE BUTTON

I think I have a manifold that is all ready setup for direct port and the manifold has been worked for flow also. I will look for it. I am selling off all my n20 spare parts WIRE HARNESSES I MADE FOR RM REPLACEMENT and LAST kit anyway. I am getting my shop setup and re organized so it may take some hunting, you would not believe the stuff that gets put away or piled up after several years. I try to keep a clean shop but only my work area ever stays that way and when it is not a business but r&d you lose track of all kinds of stuff.
BTW I dont have the time or inclination to debate direct port. If I know one thing for certain it is spray and I dont care to debate the issue. I am not even building kits for folks anymore due to health and my engine design project has me but good.
Best Regards David
ps if I find it 50 bucks and its yours. BTW bro their are many pics of direct port on NSX. if you need help I can help you if you have not found a solution yet. I have some things to say concerning your project via pm
I will post my NSX engine and fuel system prep I suggest to all people running a spray setup on the X. it may be in one of yahnays recent threads from about a month ago, he reposted my method of fuel integrity check ,verify and augment as well as many other suggested prep tips
best regards david

ps if someone finds yahs post please cut and paste it into this thread. BTW I still am planning on updating the faqs for the forum after emailing lud if its ok and have him review them and for wiki.....anyone interested in helping me compile all the diagrams and info in my head into an easy no fear but still highly technical set of documents so when I kick the bucket the information is not lost for wikipedia? I have written a vast amount of tech notation ,setup's, diagrams, prep work ect , I need some help organizing it and receiving what folks want included after we post what the main focus will be and take info from other sprayers to put into faq's and wiki