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disable antenna

21 September 2000
Bellevue, WA, USA
First I bought the new Keenwood Cd changer and then the smart antenna only to realized the smart gadget only works with Alphine CD. I don't mind driving with the antenna up but it becomes a worry when I'm breaking the speed limit. Someone mentioned something about disabling the power harness to the antenna. Is this possible? If so, how and what are the risk(s) of doing so? It'll be nice if I could just pull a breaker to the antenna.

I think I was the one who mentioned disconnecting the harness. You can do this by removing the left trunk panel and disconnecting the harness there. You'll see it attached right behind the panel. I've disconnected mine since I never listen to the radio, not to mention it's so HUGE when it's up. Good Luck.

email me if you need more info