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Do I really need to replace my water pump with the timing belt?

22 November 2001
I have a 92 with 37,000 miles. I've finally decided to give in and change the timing belt. Do I really need to change the water pump when I change the belt? Doing so requires an updated pump and updated cover totaling about $300. I understand the theory that since you have the engine torn down you might as well replace the water pump, but would like to know how many water pumps actually fail.

Has anyone ever had a water pump failure (on an NSX)? What about after only 37,000 miles?
Originally posted by gobble:
Has anyone ever had a water pump failure (on an NSX)? What about after only 37,000 miles?

Yes! The waterpump on my '94 NSX failed at only 23,000 miles. Since my car was 7 years old when it happened, I also did the timing belt replacement as well.

For $300 you get the assurance that the waterpump will be good for another 10 years. A cheap price to pay now!
WAIT! Don't let them rip you on the cover.
Yes, absolutely replace the pump, don't skimp on that. However, many NSX techs know a way around purchasing the cover. Maybe someone can chime in as I don't know the specifics, but it's what I had done. They drill a small hole in the old cover or somewhere else and it can fit the new pump. Pay for the pump, but you can save some cash on the updated cover.
Not only is it wise to change the water pump at the sametime you're doing the timing belt. They already got access to your timing belt has and things apart. So why would you want to pay for labor twice if and when your water pump fails. It's now worth saying a few hundred dollars now and having to pay later anyways? Not mention all the hassle you have to go thru and having to bring your car in more than once while you could be driving it.
Water pumps go on a regular basis so make sure to replace it.
At least it's not as bad my C4 water pump which had to be replaced every 30K or so.
Also, since the water pump is directly connected to the timing belt, if it goes out....you can break the belt which can cause much damage and $$$$$$$$$$.
YOu can modify the cover by drilling a hole for the "new" location for the water pump bleed spout. You can then only purchase the grommet for the new hole for about $3.00. It will save you $160. I do not have the exact dimensions of where the hole should go, you will need to search elswhere for that info. I would post the question to the big list.

Also just to add to others response, my NSX is apart now for it's 90K service. I removed the old water pump, with 30K miles, and the weep hole is green (coolant) and the pulley felt "crunchy", so it is really not in your best interest to save the money now to pay for the whole job all over again later. It is alot of work to get to the water pump.

You should also have the timing belt tensioner changed. It has bearings in it and more than one Acura dealership I talked to recommended changing it while doing the timing belt.