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5 June 2001
Hey all,

I am in the market for a 91-93 NSX. There are a couple in florida that I have had my eye on. But most of my friends say that Florida used cars are bad because of the salt air. That it deteriorates everything. Is this true? Both have a new paint job. I am a bit worried since I intend to kneep this 10 year old car and other 10 years. Please help.

That's ridiculous especially considering that an NSX is all aluminum and won't rust anyway. The salt air here is very minimal, it's much heavier in Mass. where I'm from. I live ON the beach and my car is pristine. If you'd like me to look at a few for you, I'd be glad to. However, I would never consider a repainted NSX or any repainted exotic! Look for a clean one.

Todd Arnold

Why wouldn't you consider a repainted one. I mean, would it not make it more valuable? A repainted car means that the paint would last that much longer right?
Got me again, Ken.

More valuable????? NO WAY!!!! A repainted car is an automatic decrease in value with ANY car. I've been in the business a long while and there is NO question about that. Especially when you are speaking of a hand-made, very limited production vehicle. Repaints say many things.... possible accident, heavy abuse, vandalism, etc. Also, it is nearly impossible to match the factory paint process (a 27 step process). A repainted front bumper or single panel will decrease resale $500 to $2,000 alone! Buy a clean, well cared for, original car.

Todd Arnold

Note: You won't take a hit for the repainted car when it comes time to sale if you pay less for it in the first place.

The reason you don't want a Florida car ( if there was going to BE a reason ) would be the laws Florida has making it easier for a business to ripp you off and get away with it. Normaly not an issue with used cars w a clean title.
I bought my NSX in Miami and have seen no evidence of undue wear or damage due to it having lived there for it's first 7 years. I would stres that if you are going to buy one in Florida research all the bureacracy on getting it out of Florida. Florida wants your money whether you live there or not! Don't set yourself up to pay sales tax to them. I almost had to walk away from my car because of the owner being a jerk about his plates and Florida's title laws.
Originally posted by Nsxotic:
That's ridiculous especially considering that an NSX is all aluminum and won't rust anyway.

Uhm.. that's true but aluminum does corrode. "Rust" is associated with ferrous metals and is that brownish exfoliation we always see. When aluminums corrode, they exfoliate a whitish powder. It essentially turns to white dust. If aluminums didn't corrode, Honda would not subject the NSX body to 27 steps of anti-corrosion treatment and being in the aerospace business, I would be unemployed. :)


NSX bought from Florida? No good?

Naaa I bought mine from Fort Lauderdale and shipped it back here in NJ. If anything the salt they use here in the winter would be a bigger killer than any shore point. But the car was clean inside and out, condition excellent and most of all the car seemed to be so much cheaper than the dealers around here. Best of luck on your search.


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