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Do you park/store your NSX on a lift?


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6 May 2001
I am thinking about purchasing a parking lift for storing my NSX during the winter months. This would give me some extra room in my garage.

Does anyone park or store their NSX on a lift? If so, is there anything that I should consider in choosing/using a lift? How well does the lift work for maintenance?

The two lifts I'm considering are: http://www.aclifts.com/pages/parkstack/acs7.htm
and http://www.doublepark.net/

Thanks for your input.
I store my NSX during the Winter on a lift. It works out great for me as it protects it from easily being bumped into. I am not too familiar with the lifts that you mentioned. I am using: www.backyardbuddy.com

I would think that any of the lifts would work well for your purpose. Most of them are designed for everyday use, so using it a dozen times a year I believe most will last forever.

These types of lifts aren't very good for tires or brakes because of the lifting system, but they work great for engine, trans stuff though.

I bought mine about three years ago and at that time the company wouldn't deliver to a residence. Since I had a trailer and a forklift at home it wasn't a big deal, but if you don't have access to this it would be a real pain.

Good Luck!