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does anybody else like these mirrors?

2 May 2003
Seattle, Wa
Ok I'm not sure if this thread belongs here or in the vendor section because they are not for sale yet or maybe at all. Just curious to know if anyone else likes these mirrors. I have craft square right now and they are too boxy for my current project. I could make replicas of these fairly easy in frp or carbon the mounting base is going to be the most difficult part. You might have to cannibalize a set of craft squares for those parts. Let me know.
Kane- I've been waiting for some1 to ask. I love the jgtc mirrors. I don't mind the craft square mirrors but the visibility is terrible.
So I'd be up for a set!
edit- would it be hard to make them motorised ?
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I have a set of Craft Square as well, I have seen the JGTC up close they are just as small if not smaller. The mounting is going to be a problem as they are screwed to the door with no mounts, hopefully you can figure out how to mount it to some kind of base. I will but a set if you can figure something out.

Your the man Ravi, keep up the good work. :wink:
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If I ever going to have aftermarket side mirror, the JGTC one would be it. At least if people asked I say it the JGTC mirror for the NSX. :biggrin:
I like them so much they are my next project. For some reason, no one has felt it necessary to make a set of these mirrors, so just bought an extra set to modify on my own. I don't think it is unreasonable to create a mirror set that is modeled after the JGTC mirrors but retains the factory mounting point and controlled mirror.

Wish me luck on my project, unless someone else is already working on what I am talking about?
Ravi, I just got what you are trying to get at here. The JGTC mirrors have a much larger base than the K-Craft mirrors. I planned on using the stock base and tapering the column up to the base of the mirror housing. That should allow me to retain the OEM attachment point and electronics. From there I plan to minimize the housing to accept only the size of the adjusting motor an mirror. The stock housing seems to be very large an should be able to be reduced in size without losing the mirror motor.

I think the mirrors would be easy to resell if 1) you retain the stock mounting position and 2) retain the interior controls over the mirrors. This is what I planned to work on and it sounds like you have a similar project in mind.
Ok looks like there is enough interest, i am going to make a set in frp and see how they look. I would like to know everyones best guess as to overall lenghth, width and height of the main body of the mirror housing.


I would never get them. From a practical point of view, they look TINY, highly impractical. And aesthetically, they look to me like they came off a car from the 1970's...
I have bean looking for those mirrors for ages I am intersted too what do you think they will cost??

If any one need some sizes i could take some sizes of a Model 2003 JGTC NSX scall:1/18