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Does good exhaust sound come from headers or exhaust?

22 November 2001
I installed the DC sports cat-back on my car last night and don't notice that much difference in the exhaust note. Do you typically gain more in exhaust sound from headers or cat-back? Will the addition of headers make a big difference in sound? I want my car to sound like a Ferrari.
Exhaust makes the largest difference. The stock exhaust is probably dampening out all the sound. Two exhausts I'd recommend for that type of sound: 1. The new TAITEC JGTC Parallel Exit Exhaust 2. GruppeM Version 3 Exhaust

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The man did say "Ferrari". He difinetely needs a Tubi. Don't we all ?
I'm sure all of the above mentioned exhaust are quality parts. However, the reason SOME Ferraris(F355, F50, F40) sound so good is not because of their exhaust, but because they have flat crank, V8 or V12!!! Your NSX, or mine would never sound like a Ferrari simply becasue it has a different engine design.

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Originally posted by nsx_in_lighthouse_pt:

How true! I just rpelaced my cats with the Tiatec By-pass pipes and my car sounds sooooo much better with my HKS exhaust.
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You do not need to remove your catalytic converters (and pollute Germantown, WI) to get a good Ferrari-like exhaust sound. I have a Tubi exhaust bolted to my original cats, and the car sounds just great. Headers would make essentially no difference in the sound, but they would give you a few more hp. Tubi's all you need for sound. Now for a drive.....

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Headers made my exhaust sound deeper... not a huge difference but a noticable one at that.

What made the biggest difference (which I dislike actually) was removing my CAT's and putting straight pipes on.

I don't think my CAT's will stay off for long, as the car is reaching the state of "too loud to drive". I thought the power increase was nice, but the noise increase was not so nice, and the straight pipes may be history soon


Remember that ferrari its 8 cylinder its also for that the sound
But if you want good sound I hear the tubi its very good sound you can find something around the forum but i don't remember exactly where
Remember guys, that the sound that each person is looking for is for that person and that person only. That's one of the reasons there are so many exhaust systems to choose from. What sounds good to me may not to someone else.
Headers can have a little to do with the note of the exhaust, but like Chris Wilson (my good buddy,,,furry buddy)!, said, the muffler (or lack of) has the biggest affect on the tone of the exhaust.
As for the cats, I hate em, but I must admit that they are good for the environment. Like they always say, the good things in life will sometimes kill ya!
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