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Door doesn't open or close right

24 January 2003
Littleton, CO, USA
Hello all,

I recently replaced the amp in my passenger door speaker. I followed the instructions I found on this site, and it all went amazingly smooth - I didn't even have parts left over, which is always a good sign.

Since then, I've noticed that the door doesn't open or close quite right. From the outside, I have to pull a lot harder than I used to in order to get the door to open, and I need to almost slam it to get it to close all the way. I did notice that opening it is a little easier if I push on the door (or pull if I am on the inside) while pulling the door latch. I can't see any obvious obstructions, and I doubt the door hinge would have moved or deformed from having the door open for the couple of hours it took me to do the speaker repair.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this problem, and what I can do to fix it?

Any tips would be appreciated,

I think you probably put the interior door trim panel on wrong.
That's what is most likely rubbing or catching on something.
Look carefully.