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Door panel Removal ???

24 April 2000
Bay Area, CA
I need some help pulling off the passengers door panel...

I have removed the seal/molding around the bottom.. and the screws around the edges..

also took off the plastic 'boot' cover things at the top, front and back of the door...

I assume I need to do something in the middle... to release it... help ???

Thanks in advance everyone (I just got the car a couple months ago and have not yet gotten a copy of the service manual ...I love the car though... once this project is over, I look forward to having some time to reply to some of the other posts !!)
Tayless, I wanted to know the same thing so I went by the Acura dealership and they allowed me to make a copy of the door panel removal section from the service manual. You might be able to do the same. If not, there is a piece that is in the middle under the door handle. You need to slide it out. Remove all screws under this piece and carefully disengage the a cable that locks the doors. Next, you remove the two covers on the corners at the top of the door panel. This should be enough to get you home


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