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double din stereo install at LA any where ?

12 March 2008
Hacienda Heights, CA
I just bought the pioneer avic-d3 and would like to know anyone had good install result and what is estimate time and cost and where. ( prefer socal area ).

I went to a stereo shop by my house and they told me it will not look good if they just cut the sides. It will need some extra touch up. Any comments ?

Thank you

Just like HCA posted, the center console will need to be reworked. You can check with other local NSXers (post in the southwest forums) to see who they recommend. One company that comes to mind is Speakerworks/USD in Orange County


There are still many more though to consider.

would it fit in a nav pod?

Are you asking if a double din head unit will fit in the nav pod? I'm going to say yes but not without some major work to the nav pod. A stand alone monitor will fit more easily and require less work. The double din head units are usually mounted in the same location as the OEM head unit, but I guess if you really wanted it in the nav pod and are willing to pay for the fabrication then it can be done :)
I just had my installation done by JR at Audio Evolution.

He did a kick butt job... will post picts later.

He took incredible care of my NSX and then he properly tuned my system. Dude... this thing ROCKS!

Highly recommended.
Thanks for the referral Todd, maybe when I finish collecting all my pieces I'll give them a shout. Where did you put your amp?
just spoke with Rich on the phone and has great customer service and lots of knowledge to answer all my question.

If you are willing to do it yourself and save a few bucks:

We offer a double din reworked bezel, and color matched upper vent piece for $325. With our bezel, you will need a harness ($10), and SoS radio mount ($50). Couple hours of your time and you'll be on your way.

You can see the results in this thread: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=99171&page=3


Rich @ HCA
would it fit in a nav pod?

Sure, it can. Cost would only be the secondary factor. The first problem is the nav pod itself. It is not big enough to house a double din. Yes it can be modified to fit, but you will have to live with a gigantic pod and quite possibly some cutting of the dash itself to get it to fit. Then comes the cost. Not pretty imo.

We could not build it without the car here, fyi. :)


Rich @ HCA