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Downforce Injection Molded Center Consoles now available

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
hi guys --

As we discussed from this thread:

We're excited to release one of our most anticipated products of this year. The Downforce Center Console for Aftermarket Stereos is a injection molded replica of the factory console with the factory stereo contours removed. This console is ideal for customers looking to install single or double DIN stereos to their NSX (as well as the customer looking to delete the stereo all together).

The injection molded part replicates all of the fine details of the factory console including all the cut outs (such as the small aspirator fan vent) as well as all of the stand off bosses and locating pins that allow the shift boot, ash tray, and coin tray to fasten to the console. Because of this, the fit and finish is like stock.

The center console is available in raw black urethane with the climate control, ash tray, gear selector, coin tray, and e-brake windows pre-cut. The stereo cut out may be trimmed by hand or we offer cut outs for the stereo using a CNC mill in two standard dimensions as well as with a custom cut option (please see the website for details).


For now, we offer a model made to work with the factory ash tray. An "ash tray delete" model tooling is being made, and we hope to have these later in the summer. A carbon fiber option will also be available later in the year.

The first consoles are expected to begin shipping by Monday 8/18.

-- Chris



So it's $299 plus and additional $95 for single din cutout? How long is the wait for one cutout? {single din}
That's correct (assuming you want the standard single DIN cut out). You should make sure that the "standard" cuts we offer for single DIN and double DIN will suit your needs since every stereo is different. If you have a cut size different than what we do as a standard size, we offer a custom option. There is information and diagrams on the website explaining this.

-- Chris
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I ordered one on Sunday night, but didn't see the special price applied.

Did I miss the sale?



shipping to LaVernia, TX. Not many NSX out in the sticks!
hi Randy --

The discount is available with the coupon code above. If you didn't enter it, please e-mail [email protected] and we will apply the discount and refund you.

We have three more consoles left at the into pricing!

-- Chris
Chris, can these be painted without much issue?
hi guys --

The first ten are spoken for, thank you for your interest.

After the first ten ship out, we will have lots more in stock - so please place an order if you'd like one. We will ship these in the order that they are placed.

take care,
-- Chris
Chris, can these be painted without much issue?

Painting is very easy. Any body shop can do this. The console will need to be sanded to make the surface smooth, then primed, and painted.

-- Chris
hi guys --

Just an update that our first batch shipped from Downforce today. We will be shipping out the first four this Friday. The next four will be following on Monday, and we'll continue to ship out as soon as they arrive. Because the tooling can only make 1-2 per day, we'll do our best to keep these in stock as we continue on.

You will receive tracking numbers via e-mail as soon as your consoles ship. If you have questions in the meantime, don't hesitate to reach us.

-- Chris
On the CF consoles you indicated later in the year. Any inkling on how late...would this make the perfect Christmas present??
This is a great advancement! NSX owners should be jumping on this, wildly.

We highly recommend a new bezel replacement, as the factory bezel was built with very old technology and materials. Our difficulties lie in how the factory bezel was finished: the electroplating. Peeling and rippling in the finish ultimately meant there are micro fractures under the electroplating. Once the plating was removed, the bezel would be even more fragile. Replacing it would be the best option (especially those keeping their baby for a lifetime), as the labor to repair is extensive, and a replacement part is around the same price.

We will still be offering our services for any custom application, and also any custom layout on Downforce's bezel (if they dont offer it).

Thanks and if you could give Downforce a little comment from us: You beat us to it :)

Rich @ HCA
hi guys --

Just an update to let you know that the first batch has shipped and the second batch arrives to us today. We should also be able to begin pre-cut consoles by the end of next week. The manufacture is limited to only making 1-2 of these per day, so I appreciate your patience.

-- Chris

do you have available a pocket that can be substituted for the OEM ashtray assembly? Price?

Sorry, I do not. The factory ash tray assembly is pretty complex - so it would not be easily duplicated. You may wish to check with some of the used sources for these parts used including putting a wanted ad here on NSXPrime.

-- Chris