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drip thinghy? RSVP

25 September 2002
OK, I feel this is a newbee question. There is an open end drip pipe just aft of the front axle. It seems to me it is for condensation for the air conditioner system?

It only drips,drips,drips in the summer time on my garage floor. I know this is normal because it is open ended and points down. I'm I correct or what?


*Thanks in advance! :smile:
Zennsx said:
Its a condensation hose from the AC-heater box.

Thanks so much!

Whatwasthat said:
Anyone know the best way to clear that drain hose. Mine has clogged and water is entering my car. I dont want to just push the crap in with a clothes hanger.

Take an air compressor and shoot some air in there.. I had my AC retrofitted at Autowave, and later had water coming out of my vents! Some gunk had clotted up the hose, causing water to accumulate. After a blast of air, an incredible amount of water came gushing out. Problem solved! Not sure if this is the _best_ way, but it was suggested by Shane @ Autowave, and it sure solved my problem!

Try searching a bit, there's been some other topics on this in the last couple months.