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Driver Side Window Only Goes Up 3/4

4 August 2003
Southern CA
I can roll down the window on the driver's side all the way down, but it will only go up 3/4 of the way. Before this happens, I was able to roll it all the way up but I had to pull it up with my hand and it was going up really slow like it was stuck on something; now it just stop 3/4 of the way.

Before I take my car to a dealer (which I think will charge me an arm and a leg to fix it, or they would just replace everything associated with the power window), is there anyone with a similar problem that tried to open the inner door panel and fixed it? If you know how to do it and are in the SoCal area (Los Angeles area), I would not mind paying you to fix it for me.

Also, a minor issue but very annoying is that many times when I roll down the window, the rubber strips on both the inside and outside of the window get pulled down into the groove and prevents the window from being rolled down further. Do the rubber strips need lubrication and what kind of lubrication?
My window gets stuck sometimes and it needs moving back toward the engine to get it going again. Just a little tilt sorts it out, try moving it back and forward to see if it's just getting stuck and needs realligning.

the issue is with alignment of the guide rails- if the are not perfectly parallel to each other the window will cock itself and/or rotate. while adjusting my windows i have noticed that Overtightening of the bolts that hold the rails to the door shell will actually yield a negative effect of the bolt assembly rotating in the door-shell cutout and moving over to the side, thus throwing the rails out-of-parallelism. the whole job is not hard but you have to remove the door cover and possibly the speaker to get to all the bolts. when you are there, it is a good time to adjust the lean of the glass if you have wind noise problems.
YEAH LOL i have the same issue.

this is why i hate to roll down my driver side window because i need to use my own hand to push it up when i need to roll up.haha.

very embarassed if anyone sees it.