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Dura Lube or other similar products?

I always have used duralube on all my autos, just because you only need to add it every 50k miles. Most of my everyday cars have high miles 166k and 120k, I don't know about added gas mileage and all that hoopla, but I think it's a good insurance policy if you ever run low on oil. Small price to pay for about $24.
In a word: Don't to it!

Those products have been shown to INCREASE wear after prolonged use by chasing the lubricating oils from the metals with smaller molecular fluids, or some kind of mumbo-jumbo like that.

Be afraid! And stay away from them.
The problem with these additives is that there's a lack of independent test data.

Therefore in my opinion there's no way to know if these products are an inexpensive insurance policy, a waste of money, or at worst - damaging to your engine.

I'm sticking with a high-quality synthetic changed at recommended intervals.


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Consumer Reports did a report on motor oil a few years back which included Slick 50. The complete text of the report can be found here:

Bottom line was that engine oil treatments such as Slick 50 didn't prevent engine wear any more than using oil alone. They also found that in some cases oil treatments could increase the viscosity of the oil, possibly causing engine damage in very cold weather.
I don't always trust CR, but this is the only test I have seen on the subject.

Personally, I would NEVER put that Slick50 stuff in my NSX.
If these additives offered anything, oil companies would offer them in a more expensive version of their oil. Just change your oil and filter on a regular basis and you will be fine.
Originally posted by Lud:
If these additives offered anything, oil companies would offer them in a more expensive version of their oil.

That's assuming all companies that make oil are trustworthy. Consider the following example...

The #1 selling oil filter maker is now putting Teflon in some of their filters. Go to http://www.fram.com, and read all about the great new "Double Guard Filter". Here's a quote:

The Double Guard filter is the only oil filter to contain DuPont Teflon® PTFE ? the same Teflon®* PTFE as found in many of the leading oil additives. So not only does the Double Guard product filter out the harmful dirt that can corrode your engine, for those consumers who would like to use a Teflon® additive, the Double Guard filter provides a way to distribute it to your engine.
I just lost what little confidance I had in Fram after reading that.
Always stay away from additives. Right now using Mobil 1 Synthetic, and thats basically all you need! Thinking of using Redline Synthetic in my tranny.