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Eclipse AVN 5435 install

10 June 2001
Well I have finally installed my new stereo, after making up all the brackets
and figuring out where to run the wires it is in. I have one little problem, I think I installed the wire that hooks up to the parking brake incorrectly. I had to hook up one wire to the VSS wire and one to the reverse light and one to the parking brake. The Nav works fine, it follows the road very nicely, the problem is I can't get to the set up screen. All I can get is the map view. I can not put any destinations in either. That is why I think it has something to do with the wire that is hooked to the parking brake. I hope some one may have some insight to this problem or some work around for this.
Go to set up and set the search in your region...I think region 2 but i am not sure. however, it will show you. right now you are probably searching in new york when you are in CA? :)
Yeah.... I fixed it, watch out for cheap crimp connectors. :biggrin: Man I really glad I put this new stereo in it is sounding so much better than the stock one. I put my sub in today after fixing the wiring and got the amp set up. Man oh Man is she a rockin now. I decided to go with some Infinity Kappa speakers they sound very good and I am using a Alpine amp. Now all I have to do is fix up the console unit and get it painted. Then just go cruzin with all my nice tunes.
hey man how's the upgrade coming along? what speakers and amp are you putting in? let me know if you need any help, i've recently upgraded my setup with the help of Ken, and i'll be more then glad to share my experience with fellow owners. best of luck, pm or email me of your progress if you like. :biggrin: