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Editing Deleting Thread - Getting Complex

25 October 2001
Northern California
To the moderator [or moderators] who is reviewing and editing this thread:

From the initial edit of the first post done by a moderator who I believe consolidated into one thread (and we agreed to disagree at the time regarding how this was done), this thread has caused nothing but confusion to buyers who are not sure what is left for sale. Perhaps my subsequent posts haven't made it clear either.

Last week I posted on the same thread asking that the thread be closed so I can post what has remained in separate threads. I followed this a few days later with a reminder using the report post. The thread was locked two days ago - presumably fully understanding and agreeing to the reason for the request.

Yesterday I posted the three remaining items on separate threads, by using the same pictures in the original thread (hence the pictures were deleted from the original thread).

Today, all new three posts are deleted given that this was now considered a bump before 30 days (notwithstanding the request for seeking to close the initial thread); the request to close the initial thread has been deleted from the original post; and the pictures are also no longer on the original thread.

Not sure what rationale is helped in these edits. But I continue to recommend that the initial thread be closed and the three new one reinstated. This would be no different than if I had posted all three items anew in the same thread as the newest last edit (since one item was sold a few days ago) - BUT, the benefit of doing them separately each in its own thread is to make a search for an item easier.
I see the moderators took some liberties in editing the posts two days without consult. The remaining information is still not correct.

Please close that thread and kindly send me back the three deleted posts so I can wait for the 30 days and repost as new threads. Thank you.
I have not received copies of the deleted posts, nor has the thread been closed. Can the moderator please respond to me in PM as to where we are with this issue and what the issue is? This is my fourth request now.
Fair notice to the moderator(s) - and this after asking numerous times that I be contacted regarding the previous edits.

I will post the remaining items on the referenced thread in separate new threads to avoid the confusion created by edits, and will once again note that the original thread be closed.