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Endura Light SOS Exhaust

Any ideas where the rattling noise could come from. If you heard the video before and after, the rattling noise gets worse when stepping on gas pedal. I have already changed the clutch and had the transmission checked at Hilltop and there was no problem there. Thanks in advance.

Do you have any clips of this in-cabin at speed or when the engine is under load? How is the drone? Any drone at 60-80 mph? I like the sound of this and if there is no drone, I might have to pull the trigger and buy myself one.
Sorry no in-cabin clips yet. Drone at 60-80 depends on gear/rpm. In 4th gear a bit loud, but gets better in 5th.
If you currently have an OEM exhaust, and plan on getting an aftermarket one, it will take you some time to get use to the "drone" especially between 20 to 40 mph. I never noticed this but I enjoy driving in tunnels and under overpass/bridge I can hear the nice exhaust sound. Music to my ears. You will love it. I'm really happy with my SOS Endura light. It has this rich deep baritone sound. Keep in mind that I did hear other exhausts before I made my decision. Good Luck !!!
I put an Endura Lite on my 91 and I thought it had a deep sound that got louder nicely up the rev range.
My partner however suggested if I wanted her company on any long drives the OEM sound was better
I'm now back to OEM