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Engine is back

5 September 2000
After 8 months of down time, I finally got my engine back. Whole engine was redone top to bottom, broken pistons wore shipped out to Wiseco to diagnose and new 9:1 low compressing pistons wore design (3months)

After install the car started fine and engine runs very smooth. I did not run the car on boost at all yet, and plan to dyno this sat. I'm running the old config file on AEM EMS. Last year dyno was 294hp 276tq and after tempering with boost, 385hp (last day the engine run on the road)

With old config file and new lower compression pistons does anything like timing needs to be change? Can I drive it like that to the dyno shop ? (25miles)

Yes, please post the new numbers and all the details of the run....really interested... :) :)
Safe to drive although I wouldnt get on the boost till you retune. Your previous map will definatly will have to be redone, as I am sure you will be running more boost thasn before. good luck

First mod to my car was 2 years ago and it was wet 75 NOS. Car run strong and good for a year. I used maybe 10-12 bottles of NOS. That is when I decited to go single Turbo. I wanted low boost turbo, with low budget and went throught few fuel management systems ending with AEM. (right now I'm @ $9k, learn the hard way) After everything was worked out with electronics, I still had my cold NOS ZEX plugs (2nd set). Electrode broke off and it stop firing on one cylinder, created cylinder wash out and cracked off ringland. Car was still drivable on 5cylinders. Car run the best before it blow up.

I'll post dyno results this sat. I just wanted to make sure it's ok to drive not on boost. Thanks, Armando.