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engine take many turns before starting?CTSC

13 December 2007
nor cal
any one having this problem? engine turns over for about 3 second before starting? like u hold the key in the crack position for about 3 seconds before the engine would start up? mine got a CTSC the old whipple style. any one think what could cause the hard start?
really? hummm every single honda/acura i owned start on the first second. i guess i am never used to the engine to turn over 10 times before start up. any one else like to give some thoughts
If you have an AEM ECU, you will need to wait until the curcuit powers up before attempting to start the engine. That might be the issue but it is a normal condition of an AEM.
The Comptech/CT engineering kit uses a rising rate fuel pressure regulator that does not hold fuel line pressure once the pump is off. The best thing to do is to train your self to turn the ignition key to the #2 position count to 2 then start the car. This gives the fuel pump time to re-pressurize the fuel rail. If it has an AEM ECU count to 6 (the AEM ECU takes longer to turn the fuel pump on). Cheers, Shad
hey shad this is jeff with the s2ki team i have the RHD VGS s2000 i got plan a trip to come to you and your shop soon. most of my friend dyno at ur shop recently i was busy and didn't get a chance to go. what time u guys open till i am about half hr away i think.
waiting for 2 second does not seem to help wait for about 10 seconds did help :)
thanks guys i guess i am just gonna wait 10 second before start up my car
Turn your key a little til you can hear the fuel pump whine'n while its pressurizing your system.
When the whine stops. Turn the key a little more and your starter will engage and rotate your engine. Magically things make noise and stuff happens and then your engine starts.
Takes a few weeks to get use to that pause in there. lol
I never posted any of that yet, plus I have a lot of install pics too to get up.
Got to find the time for all of that.
Thanks for the reminder dude.
Hope your rigs running nice for ya.
We are the new kids on the block with these used whipples!!! lol
I have now about 5000 miles on the newly build engine and have just changed to synthetic and installed an AIS, so maybe Its time for another dyno.
I do have everything for a basic high boost setup, but everytime I go to the garage to install it, I get tired and jump in the car and blast around....hehe
Enjoy and thanks