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excellent movie!

10 April 2000
Silicon Valley
march of the penguins.

beautiful photography, fine narrative provided by morgan freeman, timeless story.

(who was rooting for all of the eggs and chicks to survive... even though he knew it couldn't happen :(
Agree. Took the kids to see it a month ago :smile:
Jane and I saw it about two weeks ago, when it was 115 outside and it was wondefull AND cool. We feared the theatre would be full of kids (besides us) and there were practically none.

On the other hand, we went to see Charlie yesterday and it was like a dayschool in the cinema. The only quiet, well behaved kids there were my two grandkids :rolleyes: I liked the movie though- I am a huge Burton and Elfman fan. This soundtrack is his most Boingo-esque work post Boingo.

In fact Hal, we were in your neighborhood!