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Exotic car lapping day CAYUGA Sept. 30th

14 August 2008
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

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[FONT=&quot]Next one is on Sunday September 30th.

[/FONT] See link above...let me know if you are interested and I will see if we can get a Group Discount.

NSX's are meant to be driven on the track :)

I'm in if we can get a bunch of nsxers
I can make this one too........but not keen on paying $200
Sean, if you don't drive you car on the Track the Spectator fee is $10.00


$10 well spent I say. I will accept pax laps and compensate one coffee per lap even. :). Unfortunately my clutch needs done this winter otherwise I'd participate.
$200 is for full day and lunch for 2.
Do get a interesting selection of exotic cars (Lotus, Porsches, Vipers etc)
I will call tomorrow to see if we can get a group discount for 3 or 4 cars.
Will let you know.
No response to my inquiry about group discount.
Also some had a clash with other events (Saturns Drive) so nobody now going to Cayuga.
Rob and I agreed we definitely need a NSX Track Day next year.
I will organise well in advance.
You guys should have come out, was a bit cold in the morning but warmed up and the sun was out. :smile:

Lots of good people and some nice cars too.