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Exotic Sports Car Research Invitation


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16 April 2003
I received an invitation to Exotic Sports Car Research Event at the Viceroy in Santa Monica on Jun 8. On the invitation there is a picture of the 02+ NSX nose. The topic is next generation sports cars. Has anyone else on Prime got one?
I got one as well. Now that I look at it again when I am not half asleep, I do have a picture of an NSX on the front. Heck, free dinner, and drinks, I may just have to show up.

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NetViper said:
So who is hosting this event? Car companies? Magazines?

The invite says:
hosted by NOP World.....united business media.

I am sure a quick google would tell us more about what they do.
What is the phone number to call. I would like to see if I can get in on the survey.


I just got invited to this research group on June 8 at the Viceroy Hotel. From what the person told me there will be only NSX owners in this group so I'm wondering if Honda is sponsoring this event. Anyone else here going also?
I got a call today at home from Ashley asking me if I had received the invitation, and if I would be able to attend.

WOW! What service. Wish I could go just to meet Ashley. :smile:
:frown: :frown: :frown: No one call me yet.
Didn't receive the invitation, but apparently I got a phone call a couple of days ago from Ashley about the invitation that I should have received. I only just played back the message today.

Did the invite mention what time the event takes place?
akira3d said:
Did the invite mention what time the event takes place?

Hi Eric,
They told me be at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica by 6PM sharp this Wednesday. Hope to see you there and at the Prime Canyon Drive(if I make it). Calvin.
I just talked to Michelle, so it sounds like I'm in (as long as I can get permission from my boss to leave work early on Wednesday).
You guys are really lucky. She said there were all ready too many old folks like me going already-so I am not invited. Bummer, enjoy the meal and be sure to tell us what you learn.

Hi Manny. Ashley called me back yesterday.she told me the same thing. many old guys.sounds like age discrimination to me.But I will be on the top
of the list for the next one. Michael.