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expensive (or unavailable) oem parts,quality cheaper alternatives

20 November 2008
Chapel Hill, NC
let me say first i am generally in favor of oem parts.most are of high quality.i have a lot invested in this car,and value it,so i'm not looking to put cheap crap on it.that said,some oem parts are very expensive.some are becoming unavailable,as has been discussed on here.if i can find others that are as good or better,i'm not opposed to saving some money.i thought it would be helpful to have a central list of alternatives,not just part by part,that people could recommend and share their experiences with.so,here goes:

brake rotors-
oem->$300-$400 for two rears
sos-$280 for all four http://www.scienceofspeed.com/produ...ce_parts/NSX/Centric/SportStop_Cross_Drilled/
the oem rotors didn't seem too special,and these seem of very high quality.don't track,so got drilled for some bling.fixed bad pedal vibration from warped rears.used oem pads.

denso reman-$180
this was somewhat of a no brainer as denso made the oem one.these are very high quality units,extensively refurbished.had a brief scare when it appeared different than the old one,turned out to be an upgraded unit that works fine.this does illustrate a risk of non-oem parts-compatibility.fixed intermittent clicking w/o starting after connections and battery appeared good.

one i wish i'd tried:
o2 sensors-
oem-2 for ~$500
sos-2 for $140 http://www.scienceofspeed.com/products/engine_performance_products/NSX/NGK/NTK_O2_Sensors/

anyone else got any good ones?
As far as I know SparkPlugs.com has the best prices on NGK O2 sensors.

NGK OE identical O2 sensor 24172 24172 Before Catalyst Front $53.85
NGK OE identical O2 sensor 24172 24172 Before Catalyst Rear $53.85

For Brake Rotors this is a good site.

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I will agree on the O2 sensor. When I took my car to the dealer to get an oil change they wanted $600 for parts and labor to change the o2 sensor. I picked up a BNIB Bosch one on here for $60 (I believe they retail for $110) and had it changed in 20 min on my own.

I can't believe anybody pays that much for brake rotors, gooood lorrrrrd! You can get sets of Duralast blanks at Autozone for $60. This is what I run on my track car as well.

My last big non-oem purchase was a clutch. Dealer wanted $2600+, so I got a Clutchmaster PG1 off Dali for $1500.

There are a lot of parts I would never consider buying aftermarket, but items like starters, alternators, AC compressors, axles, etc are AOK in my book.
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do you know a source for nsx compressors?