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Extended Warranty GEN 2?

2 May 2021
I’m hearing mixed messages……. Does Acura now offer an Extended Warranty on the NSX? I have a 2017 with slightly over 6 months left on the original warranty.

If not……. Any 3rd party companies offering extended warranties that are trusted, reliable, and worth it?

Appreciate the help!
Here are the options I was offered for the Acura extended warranty

5yr/80k $5330
5yr/100k $7230
5yr/120k $7740

The dealership offered $381 off of each of the above mentioned prices

I was going to do the 5 year and 80K then as I got closer to my new car warranty coming to an end, I decided to just roll the dice and skip it altogether

I am at 14,000 miles at almost 5 years on the road
Thanks B&B! I’m considering the same since very few have had any significant issues. And I don’t plan on keeping the car more than a couple years…. Which has always been my ‘MO’….. for these weekend “Toys”!

Lastly …..I’d give it more consideration if the had less mileage ….. eg 2-3 years/ 25K miles. And a more reasonable costs. Just my 2 cents.