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Extreme Rev's

4 May 2001
Stockholm, Sweden
Have any of you guys ever installed a comptech high flow oil-pump and increased the rev limit up to like 9000? Regarding to the stroke and weight of the rods+piston it should be possible....

Enjoying life at 8.000 RPM
Unless you have some severe modifications, increasing the rev limit isn't going to help (and could possibly harm the engine). For maximum acceleration, the ideal shift points for the NSX are around 7800 rpm or so. For all practical purposes, you're shifting at redline - but increasing the redline won't help your acceleration.
I'm actually trying to build a 9000-1000orpm redline engine for my NSX.
It appears, that #1 you need to improve the airflow at high RPm's.
It appears as though you need Ported and Polished Heads, Bigger Valves, higher lift cams, and stiffer valve springs to eliminate valve float at high Rpm's. Lighter Forged Pistons probably wouldnt hurt, nor would stronger billet steel Connecting rods.
And to top it all off, bigger fuel injector's and an advanced controller is needed to help your car generate horsepower well into the 9000rpm range.

Anyone else have any input?
I think maomaonsx is also looking into doing some heavy NA tuning..so he might be the one to ask.
A couple of things will help. First, upgrade the valve train with something like CT's springs or you will get float. Second, forced induction helps a lot. My blower motor was making increasing power all the way to its 8500 rpm redline and I have not doubt it would have kept going after that. If you have your motor apart for any reason, balance EVERYTHING.

As far as fuel, if you stay NA, a few minor changes to the stock fuel system (bump the pressure a bit) should let it keep up. Air flow is a matter of working the heads and valves. Not sure if the stock heads fall short in that dept.