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F1 and BAR Honda

11 July 2003
i know this is late, but last race that just passed, budapest hungaroring.; congrats to j.button(5th) and t.sato(8th) <-- his first points on the season. :eek: better late then never?

anyways, this season has been a total bizarre twist of fate??? :confused: :confused: 1. ferrarri could barely get points first half of season 2. BAR scored NO POINTS 3. renault lead the first half 4. mclaren is CLEARLY the fastest car from the second half on. i know i shouldn't say i watch F1 purely for honda... but i find this season to be VERY boring because the BAR and Ferrarri car's are so slow vs renault and mclaren. i find the new rules make the race quite boring as well. (i know it makes drivers/teams make better strategies). if anyone saw after kimi overtook michael, the mclaren pulled away with ease, putting 30+ seconds on micheal in less then 6 laps! that's insane. at least last year, the top 3-4 teams could "hang" with eachother.

sorry, venting for sucha a lackluster performance by BAR.

other news, jenson is supposedly staying with BAR, and sir frank williams is pissed. takuma sato will be a father at the end of the year. anthony davidson may be a driver for a top team next year.
BAR Honda's performance at the Hugaroring was clearly disappointing considering they really weren't in a position to challenge for a podium. I've read reports that BAR chose the wrong tires (harder compound) for the Hungarian GP and thus they were off the pace. I also read a rumor that Jenson had a slight engine issue late in the race that most likely prevented him from catching Trulii - this seems somewhat credible considering that Button was making up time on Trulii in the 2nd half of the race until he seemingly started to coast in the closing parts of the race.

As far as the team having a disappointing season, I think pretty much everyone can agree to that after being 2nd in last year's constructor championship. It's a shame their season started so poorly and also what happened with the FIA.
F1 and BAR

Also off topic: I use PitPass to follow F1 Racing.

Can some of you recommend other good websites for F1 Racing?

Any news on Barichello and BAR?
Re: F1 and BAR

OLDE GUY said:
Also off topic: I use PitPass to follow F1 Racing.

Can some of you recommend other good websites for F1 Racing?

Any news on Barichello and BAR?
http://www.autosport-atlas.com (have to be a paid subscriber, but very good source of information)

No confirmed news of Barrichello to BAR-Honda yet, but I'm sure it's just around the corner. :smile:
Honda F1 Racing - Thanks a million. Great resource.

What do you think about Button then? Stay or go?
I suspect they will keep Sato.

Sato seems to have great instincts and we know Button can take overtake, keep his position and make the podium. Hopefully, everything gets resolved and they can both stay with BAR. I'd really like for them to get better overall and start a winning tradition for many years.
Barrichello to Join BAR Honda

BAR Honda announces that Barrichello will join them for 2006.

Ooooh.. I also assume BAR will be keeping Button? Or is Williams still trying to bring him over to drive the bm.. er.. Cosworth? :) Doesn't look good for Sato.
waldorf said:
Doesn't look good for Sato.
I think that it doesn't look good for Button because of his actions last Summer when he tried to go to Williams. I think that the Japanese value loyalty ( as do most groups) and Button unwisely created a huge and embarrassing mess last year when he agreed to go to Williams.

I predict that BAR Honda will keep Sato for reasons of national pride and Asian marketing purposes. He makes a good # 2. Button and Barrichello might not make a good team since they both want to be #1. JMO
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waldorf said:
Didn't see another thread on it, but all of us that went to the USGP, the pdf is now online to mail in with your ticket stubs for full refund.

Details here: http://www.usgpindy.com

USGP attendees, check your mailboxes... I got my check from Michelin this weekend along with an offer of two free ($85) tickets if I buy two ticket at any price.

Oh.. and I stand by my 'Doesn't look good for Sato' statement. :)

Although the F1 announcers mentioned that the Red Bull jr. team might use Honda engines and part of the deal might be that Honda gets to pick a driver in which case, I think that would be a good fit for Sato.. There's also been talk from Jordan and a couple of other teams interested in him.
As a fellow Japanese, I would like to see Sato in driver seat again next year. He's certainly not slow...he's usually in top-10 for qualifying, he just needs to be patient and consistent during the actual race....but since he could not improve this year from last year, it'll be tough for him. I hope he's not going to Jordan or Minardi because I'd hate to see him in a non-contender team. Red Bull could be interesting....